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The cute teddy keyring has the bee design on the front and the words #itsgoodtotalk and #youarenotalone
Remember  #itsoktobenotok
The background behind the design. 

I apologise now for the long post but this means a lot to me and probably be the hardest post I have written.

The background - A couple of years a go I was in a bad place and was suffering from anxiety and depression. After finally admitting that I needed help I went to the doctors and started CBT counselling. This was all new to me and all I did was keep myself to myself and kept things bottled up and was scared to even go outside. I then rediscovered my creative love and it was my happy/safe place. Months later I then took a decision to hand my notice in and became self employed. How much more pressure could I put on myself????

Opening a shop, meeting strangers.... But this has helped me as I love talking now. Yes its a long road but its great having a shop where locals come in for a chat.

So here is me being open and its so important we need to Talk. I have wanted to design something for a while now and here it is. The bee symbol reminds me of be kind and the words in the black are relating to how I felt. But in the orange is what we should always do which is not to bottle anything up or say I'm fine and actually talk. I have even had the design copyright. I have printed the design on a mug and face mask but will be available on more products too. I will also donate profit of sales to the charity Mind.

Its about being kind and talking is important,no one is alone. Yes I am nervous about posting this but I can be strong.

Mental Health Bee Teddy Keyring

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